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EAA (Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia, Horton ed.)
* Ngarinyin

AIATSIS (Austr. Inst. of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies)
K.18 Ngarinyin (click)

SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
UNG NGARINYIN --> Ungarinjinic (2) --> --> Wororan (7) (number of languages in each group or family between brackets)
State: WA
(please be aware that this map is NOT hand-drawn, but machine generated using approximate coordinates adjusted from Tindale's records. This map is only here to provide a very general idea of the location)

map of location of tribe

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Alternative names found in the literature for this group

Ungarinjin (by Worora)
Ngarinjin (by Moreng)
Wangarinjinu (language name)
Arawari ("southeastwards" by Worora)
Kandjalngari (nothern grp)
Arkarinjindja (people of the tribe)
Oladjau (language name by Miriwung)
Walmidi (Forest River name
Andedja (northern term)
* Ngarinyin

User contributions

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Unfortunately, because of too many misuses, the possibility for visitors to add comments here was taken out of the system. It will be added again at a later stage with a more severe control mechanism. Sorry to all those well-intentioned who have contributed to make these pages a collective place of growing knowledge....
Place and geographical locations that are often associated to this group.
Please note that these are places that were or are mentioned in the literature, some are inaccurate. Under no circumstances can this list be used in the context of any sorts of claims, indigenous or not.

Barnett Range; Blackfellow Creek; Chapman River; Drysdale River; Gibb River; Harris Range; Isdell Range; Isdell Valley; King Leopold Range; King River; Maitland Range; Mount Bradshaw; Mount French; Mount Hann; Mount Page; Mount Reid; Phillips Range; Walcott Inlet; Wood River; Forest River;

Bibliographic references for this record

I suggest you also use the above-mentioned AIATSIS name in the AIATSIS MURA catalogue for bibliographic references

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