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Repatriation and Cultural Property Rights

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Some interesting links and books on repatriation and cultural property rights issues

I haven't checked the links for a while. Some may be obsolete...

You may also check the Abstracts of a UNESCO conference: New Technologies, Anthropology, Museology and Indigenous Knowledge
More information and other sites can be found at: Technology for Social Justice

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Repatriation Reader : Who Owns American Indian Remains?
by Devon A. Mihesuah (Editor)
Voice of Indigenous Peoples: Native People Address the United Nations by Alexander Ewen (Editor), Rigoberta Menchu (Preface), Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Foreword), Chief Oren Lyons (Epilogue)

Political Theory and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Duncan Ivison (Editor), Paul Patton (Editor), Will Sanders (Editor)

cover The Maori and the Crown : An Indigenous People's Struggle for Self-Determination by Dora Alves, Paul Cleveland
International and national conventions, declarations, and acts
Citizenship and Indigenous Australians : Changing Conceptions and Possibilities (Reshaping Australian Institutions) by Nicolas Peterson (Editor), Will Sanders (Editor)
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