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Kinship: an introduction (table of contents)

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Introduction into the study of kinship

These pages give a simple introduction tino kinship studies. It is not intended for the specialist, but for undergraduates and the layman interested in the complexities of human kinship systems.
Chapters will be added whenever they're ready. These are part of a larger project I have to bring kinship back into the interest of students, as well as to make this knowledge available to a larger public than academic specialists.

Part 1 What is kinship? A collection of quotes
Part 2 Symbols used to represent kinship relations
Part 3 Watch an interactive kinship symbols tutorial here (Flash plug-in needed)
Part 4 Introduction to Australian Indigenous Social Organisation: transforming concepts

There are other on line kinship tutorials available on the WWW:

Some good books on kinship

Kinship : An Introduction to Basic Concepts by Robert Parkin (Hardcover - June 1997) (this is what you need to start with)
Kinship and Gender: An Introduction by Linda Stone (Paperback) (a very good introduction to kinship and gender studies with lots of fascintaing and well choosen case studies)
New Directions in Anthropological Kinship by Linda Stone (Editor) (Textbook Binding) (a collection of interesting articles covering various aspects of modern kinship studies)

Gender and Kinship : Essays Toward a Unified Analysis by Sylvia Junko Yanagisako (Editor), Jane F. Collier (Editor) (Paperback - October 1990) (already a classic!!!)

Cultures of Relatedness : New Approaches to the Study of Kinship by Janet Carsten (Editor) (Paperback - April 2000) ("new" cultural studies type of approach)

Lewis Henry Morgan and the Invention of Kinship by Thomas R. Trautmann, Thomas R. Trautman (Paperback - September 1988) (an account of where and how it - kinship studies as well as anthropology - all started)

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